Once you have your standing desk, you’re probably thinking your workspace is ready to go and ready to start improving your life. While that is true, there are ways to really maximize the potential of your workspace, so you can get the most out of your work day. 

How to Use: Standing Desk

Depending on the type of adjustable standing desk, you’ll have convenient tools to quickly get to your desired standing position like a memory height system, however if you’re working with a standard adjustable desk without the frills, you’ll still be able to create a healthy and comfortable workspace.

Maintain a good stand to sit ratio.

While many studies urge people to avoid prolonged sedentary behavior, standing all day has actually been associated with lower back pain as well. For this reason, the ideal work day includes alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day, spending an hour or two on one before switching. Many people claim a 1:1 ratio is great to use. 

Keep the top of your monitor at eye level.

One way to maximize the ergonomic benefits of your standing desk is to ensure that the top of your monitor’s screen is always eye level to avoid any neck tension. While maintaining good posture is essential regardless of working a desk job or not, ensuring your screen is eye-level is a good way to relieve any pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Incorporate standing desk accessories.

Many standing desk users opt for additional tools to really optimize their workstation, like anti-fatigue mats or balance boards. While using these accessories are definitely not necessary, it can certainly upgrade your work-from-home experience. 

Get active. 

To really battle prolonged sitting, it could also help to get your steps in by going for a walk during breaks or even taking regular stretch breaks. It might help to stretch your legs even more to help with productivity and overcoming those midday slumps. 

Adjust your keyboard and mouse position.

With desk jobs come wrist strain. Using arm support can help reduce the pressure on your wrists. Your keyboard and mouse should be at the same level and you can protect your wrists by keeping them straight.

Overall, if you’re using a standing desk and maintaining good posture, a decent stand to sit ratio, and staying eye-level to your monitor, you’ll definitely be reaping the benefits of your adjustable standing desk. 

December 31, 2020 — Avix Team