AVIX Electric Standing Desks Best Budget Desk In 2020

Improve your posture, burn more calories, and increase your energy. These health benefits sound like something you'd get after a rigorous workout, but believe it or not, they're the result of standing more instead of sitting. So many jobs involve sitting at a desk for hours each day, and it can be hard to break away to incorporate more standing without sacrificing productivity.

With an increasing need to transition to a work-from-home lifestyle, it can be especially difficult to maintain a productive routine and avoid habitual inactivity. The good news is, even the slightest adjustments to our workspace can reap huge long-term benefits. A vast percentage of the workforce spends upwards of 40 hours a week hunched over a desk, yet hundreds of studies indicate that traditional sitting desks pale in comparison to standing desks in terms of effects to our health, energy, and productivity. 

To find the perfect standing desk to fit your needs, it's important to consider a few questions before committing to a purchase. First, how much living space do you have to work with? Standing desks come in all sizes and configurations so you can find a good fit. Lastly, what are you willing to spend? Some desks are more budget-friendly than others, but it's important to remember that you're investing in your health too, so it may be worth it to spend a little more on a quality desk.

It may seem overwhelming, but luckily the AVIX Manager Series Electric Adjustable Height standing desk is the complete package, combining a durable and sleek design, stability, and easy height adjustment for a reasonable price. The AVIX Manager Series Electric standing desk has a sit-stand desk frame so you can go from sitting to standing and anywhere in between. If you're looking for a smooth transition, this is the desk for you. The frame is motorized, so there is no old-fashioned cranking required, and its digital handset with four preset options allows you to input your ideal sitting and standing height.

On top of its sleek design and affordability, the AVIX Electric Standing Desk is constructed with a built-in wire management system, providing an easy way to prevent messy desks and tangled cords with minimal effort. The control panel also includes a USB charging port to minimize the stress of running out of battery on your phone or device. These additional conveniences by AVIX allow their electric standing desk to really stand out from the crowd. 

According to AVIX Electric Standing Desk website, the desk raises up to 48-inches and lowers as low as 28-inches, and the Amazon reviews found it to be the Best Priced Electric Standing Desk of 2020. 

The AVIX Manager Series Electric is a simple assembly with an easy-to-follow instruction guide included. The assembly is as effortless as possible - with only 3 steps and 30 minutes of your time needed. However, if you're understandably short on time or patience you can also choose to receive expert assembly on Amazon. It will add to the price of the frame, but for the sake of convenience and sanity, you may find spending a little extra money is worth it.

The AVIX Manager Series Electric provides a complete package of reasonable price, beautiful design, and stability. Its ergonomic design paired with its convenient features makes it an essential to your home office - and health. And at less than $500, this desk is an ideal option for those looking for a more affordable yet equally beneficial workspace.

Pros: Well designed, stable even at its maximum height, durable, reasonably priced, built-in cable management, USB charging port, assembly in under 30 minutes Cons: Ideal for larger spaces (60”), available in only 3 colors

October 27, 2020 — Avix Team